Tom B. -Chief Marketing Officer

Educational Institution Partner

As an Educational Institution, it is extremely important to us that our student housing partners provide the best quality and housing opportunities for our students. We have used several housing providers in the past, EDUrent is the first to meet and exceed our standards, and solve our housing needs.  Our Students have more options and freedom of choice when deciding what works best for their needs.  The EDUrent Team truly supports our "student centric" approach, and provides a piece of mind for our students and their family while away from home. We are truly grateful to have them as a partner.  

Mitch R. -Director of Admissions

Educational Institution Partner

Many of my students are relocating from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.  EDUrent secures housing for my students before they ever step foot on campus.  Parents rest easier knowing we have a reliable housing resource for them to turn to.  As a true partner, we know that the student experience is enhanced because of the work and dedication EDUrent provides to our students. They are invaluable to me!