Why Edurent

Who We Are 

EDUrent can help you overcome your student housing challenges.  Rather than think of us as your student housing provider, think of us as your student housing resource.  Educational institution's main focus is offering education, not housing.  To better service the student, schools often offer assistance with housing and sometimes contract with "3rd" party resources to "run" or rather "over-run" their housing programs.  Scenarios like this can result in limited housing solutions and tie the school down preventing the school from seeking the best housing solutions for their students.

The key is to offer the students an avenue for researching and securing the most viable student housing options in your school's vicinity.  Edurent.com, the most innovative & technologically advanced student housing website, accomplishes this for you and your students.

Lastly, we don't have fancy contracts and we don't obligate you to an eternity of "status-quo" like others do.  Our products are designed to continuously innovate and improve the student housing experience and always keep the freedom of choice at the forefront.  

If you would like to find out more about how you can take advantage of this incredible resource please contact us today.